Hello AS/IS homies!  Sam Lubus '75 from Sarasota is stepping up to the plate. This is a quick survey to determine the feasibility of hosting a Reunion in beautiful Sarasota on April 16 - 20, 2015.  As you may know,  this is prime time in Florida and it is a miracle to get semi-reasonable rates at any major hotel including the Hyatt Regency on Sarasota Bay. The Hyatt has agreed to $199/ night. Depending on the results of this survey,  I will be able to determine if this Reunion will be a Gala the size of recent San Jose and DC or if it will be a smaller more intimate "cruise ship" size. If it is a smaller group because of cost or attendance issues,  I will consider a smaller hotel with more reasonable rates but you will probably need car transportation figured into the cost.  Please check off the boxes and click the SUBMIT button below and we'll get this party started!  Please note that the message will not send if all required entries are not filled in.


Will you plan to attend?
Hell Yes!   No :-(    Yes, if I can get a less expensive hotel  Maybe regardless of cost  Maybe if I can get a less expensive hotel
If maybe, how confident are you?
80%   50%  less than 50%
How many nights can you stay??
two nights  three nights  more than three nights
Preferred daytime activities
beach trips  nature parks (ALLIGATORS!)  poolside at hotel  dinner cruise  shopping / downtown
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